Learning to Ride the Waves of the Full Moon


I have been noticing more and more of my loved ones and I included becoming highly sensitive during the time of the full moons. I didn’t put two and two together until a friend of mine said, “You seem to be always sick around the full moon.” So here I am six months later yet again sick and wondering why. Are you too? Well I was grateful enough to receive some guidance from Doreen Virtue as she explained that our bodies are 80% water so these full moons certainly react with our bodies. She also shared that during these times of when the Full moon rises that we are to release toxic emotions and use this time to heal and balance ourselves. So this means we really need to put forth an extra effort in watching our thought patterns and keeping track of what we are feeding our bodies and of course exercise.

When you take the time to look at all of these three components it does make sense, we are 80% water and what happens to water when it does not move? Right! It becomes stagnant and bacteria begins to form, this goes for our bodies as well if we do not move often our bodies too will become stagnant leaving room for sickness to take over. Think of how most streams and rivers receive their water. From the mountain tops with the freshest and purest water which then travels down along the mountains and into flats lands to nurture the plants and animals that are eagerly waiting to be nourished along the way. Our mouths are these mountain tops so we need to be drinking only the purest water so that as it travels within our bodies it will nourish and purify our organs and everything that is within us. Are you beginning to notice how Mother Nature is providing us with the answer in caring for our bodies? This water also nourishes our food and what grows from our earth so we need to be sure to be eating the best quality of food you can find or better yet that you can personally grow. (As a side note if you place the words LOVE and HEALING on your water and pray this will in fact purify your water you can read more about this through Dr. Emoto books and his water experiments)

As a mother of 4 rapidly growing children this is not an easy feat especially living in a city where the abundance of bad habits are constantly surrounding us. While most of our grocery stores carry local and organic foods and vegetables it is not cheap, but it can be done. I often get the same organic foods over and over and find what I can on sale but it can be done. Personally I have been sick on and off for about six months now wondering “What is wrong with me?” And thanks to a lovely visit to a Naturopath/Reflexologist it has been a lovely combination of hormones due to my pregnancies and never getting back into alignment with my body as well as food and exercise. I must share this has not been an easy adventure but feel I am on the road to figuring out what works best for my body. And I hope by sharing this that you are able to do the same for yourself. As mothers we do our best every day to nurture our children, our significant others all while being bombarded with life and what it has to throw at us. Sometimes I feel like I am on an episode of Wipe Out, smile! But in the end these challenges are forcing us all to face our bad habits and while it is hard these full moons are offering us a gift of change. The Angels wish for all of us to eat healthier, live simpler, and live in happiness with balance. I do everything within my power to be the best example of this balance for my children. If I am sad I show it, if I cry they see my tears as I am showing my children that life is full of emotions and it is how we react to these challenges that will help our children become better able to cope and find an easier loving path as they grow older but most of all provide opportunities for expressing compassion and empathy.

Our thought patterns have been probably the most difficult for many. It is easy to feel down and low when your body isn’t feeling well. Simply know the Angels are with you standing there holding the energy for you to finally see that this is meant as a gift for us all to learn from, it is an adventure and it is up to you on how you are going to take on this adventure. It may not be what you imagined in your head but maybe before your dreams can become your reality you must clear out and face what is stopping you to begin with? Could it be that we are all cleaning house sort of speak internally so that we can make more room for love to grow inside out. After all the angels did share that it is important to get rid of the old and make room for the new. Many have thought this was just their homes and cars but we forget that our bodies need good cleaning up too.

So with that said I hope by sharing this with all of you that you are better able to learn to ride the waves of the Full Moon! Stop resisting and start getting on your surfboard and glide with each and every wave. See yourself with a joyful smile, healthy body and happy spirit. Face your negative thought patterns and release them finally! Face those foods that you have addictions to and say, “No more I love my self too much and I want to feel healthy and have a higher vibration!” And finally go out into nature and exercise, turn those TV’s off and unplug from our technology and take the time to get to know Mother Nature!

Here is a prayer for you from the Angels…
Please God help me to release any toxic emotions that I am holding within my body. I forgive and I am willing to shift into a higher vibration of Love. Help me to heal and balance myself so that I can be present for my family, the children in my life and for those who need guidance and healing. I trust that you will always have my best interest at heart that I am safe and I am guided to what is best for me and my family. Thank you and I AM READY TO RELEASE AND BE HEALED BUT MOST OF ALL TRANSFORMED INTO A HIGHER VIBRATION! Thank you!

With many blessings and love always…Tamara and The Angels


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