Sacred Space~ with special guest Ashley

Recently I was having a wonderful conversation with another Intuitive Mother and the topic of “Spirituality” came up. We had noticed so many fearing or having discomfort from using this word “Spirituality” especially for those who belong within a church or certain religion. When so many are having their Spiritual Awakenings we often find it difficult to fit in within a church like setting while many just leave them all together. There is know right or wrong way it is how you are best guided. There are some incredibly giving, kind church communities that just blow me away while others I just cringe and want to run, it is a feeling and some are transforming before our eyes. Having said that when we discover and connect to our gifts of being a healer, visionary, empath, etc. we find ourselves being somewhat afraid to share or discuss these within our community. It isn’t always easy but I do feel many people are ready for it and need to hear this topic in order for their Spiritual Awakening to occur. Some will absolutely resist and feel that it is against what they have been taught thru their religion, and that is ok as we recognize this as fear or simply not fully understanding what “Spirituality” truly means and feels. For me personally I have noticed some within the comments I receive from my blog while my friend experiences it first hand within a church. I felt it best to have her write this next post since the way she dealt with her experience was so beautiful and supported. Ashley is an incredibly gifted Energy Medicine Practitioner and whenever something comes up physically or spiritually for myself or my family she is the first person I go to seek guidance because she is that awesome! I hope you enjoy her words of wisdom and I thank you Ashley for sharing your experience for us so that new understanding can unfold. Love Always…Tamara
If you would like to connect with Ashley her information will be at the end of this post, thank you!

Sacred Space

What is a sacred space? For me, it is a place where I can explore my higher self, connect with support

that is seen and unseen, and nurture my soul. The bible says “The church is a sacred space for God by

the Spirit” (Ephesians 2:22) It is of profound interest to me how challenging it is to find a sacred space

outside of isolation on my own journey. I am not even sure what secular vs non-secular means anymore.

It seems more fitting to add a third category: non-secular, religious, and spiritual. I wonder if you are

experiencing this too.

I had a very interesting conversation at my Episcopal church recently. To give you a brief background,

our head priest just retired and was replaced by an interim priest who is doing a wonderful job

facilitating working sessions that are designed to help our members discover what exactly it is we

want from our church so we may find a new priest with similar goals. Throughout the process, we have

spent many hours trying to rewrite our vision statement, mission statement, and values. Everyone

has spoken of their desire to be an open community with an emphasis on EVERYONE being welcome.

They have spoken about worship, education, fellowship and service. I certainly cannot argue that all of

these are amiable and a part of what a church should be. I then asked, “Why isn’t anyone talking about

how we can elevate our spirituality?” This seemed like a perfectly acceptable question to me, but I was

rebutted with a very surprising response, “SPIRITUALITY? There is no place for that word in church!”!!!

After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I asked the woman what it was about the word she found

offensive. Her reply was, “I have friends who consider themselves ‘spiritual’ and they do not share the

same faith as me. I guess I should ask what that word means to you.” I replied, “To me, it means to take

what we have learned here and be thoughtful of how it applies to us on a soul level. “ As she rolled her

eyes at me, we were interrupted to focus our attention to the front of the room while each small group

presented their discussions.

So I sat there and listened to everyone’s amiable thoughts until I finally heard something spiritual. The

priest said, “I want all of you to reread these and listen to the stirrings of your soul so we can pick up

this discussion next week.” I was excited to have this wording from our priest! I wrote it down and gave

it to the woman who had rebutted me and said, “I think my choice of words made you uncomfortable.

This is what the priest just said which is a perfect example of being spiritual.” It was delightful to see

her relief. The man with the collar spoke of spirituality so she decided it was worth taking some time for


Why do so many people feel unsafe exploring what their religion is on a soul level? Or if they are

brave enough to explore this, why does it feel so unsafe to speak up about it? To be honest, after that

conversation, I felt more unsafe than ever discussing such things in church. For weeks I did nothing. On

Sundays mornings I wore my pretty little “mask” that I thought everyone wanted to see and pouted.

Yes, I pouted.

Then, one day out of the blue, something amazing happened. I found out a dear friend of mine,

someone like you and me, was asked to lead a small group in deeper discussions on what our church

really wanted. She is not a member of our church and did not know this was where my family attended

church. She is someone who I have spent countless hours with discussing SPIRITUALITY. We spend

our time talking about divine timing, spirit guides, manifestation, honoring your higher self and other

similar topics. She and her teenage daughters have been coming to me for energy healing work for a

few months and she is opening a healing arts center in town. I cannot believe someone from MY church

chose HER to lead our discussions about the direction of the church is heading. Hope prevails! Pouting

ends. I found the courage to feel that if this was the church where my husband and I are going to raise

our children it MUST be made a sacred space!

With the support of my friend leading the discussions, I found my voice. I learned from this small group

that there are other people in my church who feel the same way I feel, and we are all wearing the same

mask. Yet, we are the mustard seeds. As I recounted to the group what I thought was missing from

church and what changes I would like to see implemented, the responses I received were refreshing.

There were dramatic sighs of relief, and a few shouted, “Yes!” and “Finally!” Suddenly we are discussing

how nice it would be to start a meditation group and build a labyrinth!

We are a long way from achieving our hearts’ desires but we are on the journey, finally!

I hope you are all able to find your sacred space, where ever it may be. And while not everyone has

earned the right to hear your story, I hope you find a safe group of friends to nurture your soul, and


Ashley Hardman
Energy Medicine Practitioner
To reach Ashley for healings please email her at


4 thoughts on “Sacred Space~ with special guest Ashley

  1. Bird says:

    Love this post! Great job to you both ❤ It does seem strange to me that as often as Spirit is mentioned and referred to in the Bible, why the term spiritual, which is an extension of that, is so scary . Our spirituality is our connection to the oneness of spirit, to God, and should be explore by all.

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