How to take care of yourself, energetically

            It has been so busy lately that I have barely had a moment to sit and write a blog post.  Finally I have found a moment to just sit and write in peace and quiet and I could not come up with a topic to write, smile.  Luckily there are some beautiful Intuitive Mothers within our Facebook group that suggested writing about the topic of self-care.  How timely I thought given the fact that life can get so busy and while most of us try out best to take some time to feed ourselves, work out, and meditate there is another aspect that many people often forget about and that is taking care of ourselves energetically.

So what does this mean exactly when we say “energetically”?  This means the energies that we come in constant contact throughout our day.  Have you ever stood by someone who is grumpy and then you find yourself feeling grumpy?  Well that is the energy of someone else that has been now shared with you because you were close by.  There are also moments where something is happening around the world and you are feeling suddenly sad and are unsure as to why.  This is because you are connecting to our world’s energy and in truth you can pick up on so many things layer upon layers. So with that said how do we protect ourselves even if you aren’t sure if you are or not on where you are picking up on things?

Here is some basic guidance on how the Angels have shown me how you can clear your energy daily.   First of all we should all start our day in gratitude regardless of what is going on within our lives.  When you wake up step with your first foot to the floor and say “Thank” and with the other foot to the ground “you”, this is something that I picked up a while ago and it absolutely can make a difference in starting your day.

While brushing your teeth ask for words of kindness to flow from your mouth throughout your day from Archangel Michael.  Also, depending if you bath in the morning or at night ask the angels to clear any and all attachments or worries that have built up throughout your day and ask that they simply wash away, visualize them all going down the drain.

As you feed your body pray for the food that you are about to eat has been cleared energetically and that it is safe and healing for your body and this includes water.  There are times where we simply are not around the best quality of foods or water and asking the angels for a simple cleansing over the food will help shift its energy to help you.    However you must also listen to your body if it does not feel safe to eat something, don’t.  Follow your inner guidance!

Wearing certain types of crystals on your body can be very helpful in protecting your energy.  The best crystal to find is one that best suits your needs and I would recommend going to a crystal store and hold and touch them to see which one best suite you and your needs, what works for someone may not work for you.  If crystals are not your thing then I would recommend finding something that has meaning for you such as an angel pendant.

Positive thoughts, thinking about loving and kind thoughts actually raises your vibration throughout your day.  While this can be hard at times especially when a situation is going on around you, I often visualize something that I am currently working to manifest in my life.  Finding something that you love whether it be an upcoming project, your favorite flowers anything that offers you a focal point to come back to throughout your day will be greatly beneficial.

Angelic signs are also another wonderful way to keep your energy clear throughout your day.  Look for their signs as they are walking with you throughout your daily routine in life.  There are days where I feel I have conversation after conversation with my angels, they are my closest friends that offer the best advice and you can have this too.  Pay close attention to the small things in life such a nature, animals, a road sign with an uplifting message, numbers, flowers and the list could go on and on.   Your angels are ready for you to make this connection all you have to do is ask.

Flower essences can be extremely helpful especially when you are having a very highly sensitive day.  Lavender or whatever you are guided to wear will absolutely enhance your body’s energy level.  Be sure to use a high quality essential oil and place the oil on where you are guided, if you are not sure ask your angels for guidance and go with the first thing that pop’s into your mind.

Nature walks are a wonderful way to help clear not only your mind but your body’s energy levels.  While walking I would ask the angels even the fairies and elementals to come along with you, ask them to transmute any energy that might be weighing you down.  Just by being in nature alone it will clear so much energy from your body that you will feel amazing.

Lastly, I would recommend connecting with the angels and asking for them to clear all your chakras, cut any etheric chords and seal them with gold and silver light, and to clear any and all unnecessary energies that are holding or weighing you down. Then express and create a mantra that is uplifting and positive for you to work on each and every day.

As you can see when you begin to incorporate angels into your daily routine you will find that you can protect your body’s energy in a more constant state rather than asking for help in one big prayer.  And yes that can help you too if you are truly that busy within your life however it is when you start to remain connected within yourself throughout your day that you will find that your day becomes more magical.  You will find that you will have made better choices because you had followed and remained connected to your inner guidance.  But most of all it is staying connected with your own bodies energy throughout your day that you will come to realize that which is most important and that is love.

I truly hope this guidance offers you hope, the choice is always yours.

Love always…Tamara