Automatic Writing

                When I asked the Intuitive Mothers group on which topic I should write about next Automatic Writing seemed to be the topic with the most interest. So what is Automatic Writing exactly? Is that the same as Channeled Writing? Does it really work? I will do my best to share with you as much as I know about this topic based on my own personal experiences with Automatic Writing.

Automatic Writing is basically you allowing yourself to let go of your thoughts and allowing energy to take over and speak in written form. For example when I work with the Angels I will simply ask a question and release to them all concepts of what I believe the answer should be and allow my pencil or pen to flow. Some of you when you try this will have a sensation of someone touching your hand while others will simply feel guided to know which words that should be written down. When you truly zone out a bit and allow the angels to take control just for a while you will realize that you won’t even pay attention to what is being written down until they are done. It does take some getting used to and like with most things it will take practice.

Before you can begin your Automatic Writing like with most things I ALWAYS ask for at least four Arch Angels to step forward to protect and guide my writing sessions. If you are receiving information that feels negative, or the letters change shape stop and ask with whom you are speaking with because sometimes other energies like to step in and have something to share. The moment you feel the energy shift or change towards ego or negativity I would suggest stopping and clearing yourself of any energy by asking the angels to step in to clear you. If the energy does not go away I would recommend a salt bath and to wait for about a day to see if the energy has cleared. Most often than not you’re Automatic Writing will be a pleasant and fun experience.

Some fun experiences will be the sense of humor that can come through. I always assumed that the angels were loving and soft and they are but boy they can have fun too, they love to have a sense of humor and love to see you laugh trust me! My favorites can be the elementals as their handwriting changes some write sort of boxy letters while others prefer cursive it just depends on their energy and with whom you are speaking with. The angels also can write big or small, some are very precise with the letters while others draw pictures and joke around with you so be prepared to have fun, Automatic Writing is rarely boring!

So what do you ask exactly? I find that the best information that I receive is when I am asking questions that involves spiritual understanding or a service to others. You can tell you are receiving wonderful guidance when the information that comes in is not only positive and loving but has a tone of oneness and love for everyone, that is a high vibration and it may not always be what you are wanting to hear so be prepared for the answers that you inquiring about the Angels will not hold back. Some great questions to start with might be… How did the Universe begin? What other planets are out there?   Where have I lived before? What’s in the Bermuda Triangle? What are the Pyramids exactly? You see your questions are limitless so go for it and see what answers you get. If your answers start to match up with others who have channeled before you, than that is a great sign that you are connecting with the energy of oneness. When I started to channel write I had never heard of Edgar Cayce and it wasn’t until I looked into his channelings that I realized that I was receiving the same information, which is a very good sign! Just remember you will get what you attract so stay positive with your questions if you start to ask questions that are heavy and negative you will attract that energy. There is nothing to fear I am simply stating this as a precaution as I care about your energetic safety, just be sure to shield yourself please.

My first experience in Automatic Writing involved Arch Angel Michael. I literally wrote down a question and allowed him to take over and write his answers to me. That first time connection was so amazing that I literally cried non-stop because it felt both overwhelming but so magical. Arch Angel Michael began to introduce me to various Angels, Jesus, Fairies and the list could go on and on. Automatic Writing not only allows you to connect within yourself but also gives an opportunity to ask any question you can think of about our Universe and beyond, it is endless and amazing! Some are very talented enough to go into the Akashic Records and see things and write down past, present and future events. As you can see Automatic Writing can be a powerful and amazing tool when used probably and with good intentions.

Where to write? That will be up to you! With a busy household I am used to children running around, music playing but I do tend to do my best writing in a space that I find the most peaceful typically at night. My desk that faces the beautiful green backyard with nature at its finest, a door opened for a light breeze and some animal sounds in the background are ideal, at least for me. If you find that you are being awakened in the middle of the night to write you, possibly racing thoughts that need to come out or your angels are tugging on you to write something down, remember you have every right to ask them to remind you later during your hours that you are awake. The best thing to do is make an agreement with them so that you do follow through as they really wish for you to write certain information down to share with our world, it is important to them so honor that.

So what is the difference between Automatic Writing and Channeled Writing? Well for me there is no difference as either way you are making a connection with energies that surround you and are willing to speak with you. When the energies do come in ask them to identify themselves if they are elusive that is a red flag. If they are playful that just may be a sign that you have an elemental around you and they love to have fun. I find that when I connect with various energies they take on various tones. They feel and look different to me within my third eye, at times they come in so strongly that I can even draw them exactly as how they appear even down to every wrinkle or defining characteristics.

Do not be surprised if Automatic Writing opens a doorway to telepathic communications because it will. While you are connecting with Angels you may also be introduced to various star brothers and sisters with whom are currently living. They will be very kind, feeling almost like family to you, they will present themselves in a gentle manner and are very respectful. Their energies will vary based upon where they are from but some have a very mathematical way of explaining things not with numbers but with shapes and pictures, some will even show you such complex structures that there will be no way to describe them with using our human languages, it can be incredible.

Another aspect to Automatic Writing is how much you can learn about yourself. Typically when I am writing these symbols come out of know where, almost as if they are prescriptions. I have since learned that these prescriptions are enough to draw out and that will be the necessary energy needed to be shared into our world. They are sort of like mini energy portals that help us release energy downloads that need to be released within our atmosphere. For some of you who experience headaches Automatic Writing will actually release your headaches because you have been holding onto these downloads within your bodies for too long, they need to be released in some way and writing is an excellent way to do this. For others, you may feel guided by your spiritual guides and star family to start writing books based on the information that they are sharing with you, if this happens and it is positive information than by all means start writing that book as it is necessary and a gift to our world.

Some of you may receive pictures while others will receive children’s stories, songs, poetry, art, and ideas for companies, creations, inventions these are all coming in to help transform our world these are all gifts to us so it is up to you to listen and to follow through. For those of you who get a constant role of ideas meaning whenever you are around people and you get ideas for them to create a business, etc. than this is a sign that you are meant to help deliver a message to them. Your job is to share not create this information that will be up to that person to follow their own guidance. While these messages are wonderful to receive you as well as I know it takes a lot of work and dedication to bring something into our material world so if you are meant to create or invent know that it will take time and a lot of patience but most of all faith that it will happen!

So whether you are Automatic Writing or Channel Writing simply know that it is a gift for you to have this connection with not only your soul self but with the energetic world that surrounds us all. My hope is that by sharing this information with you that it opens you up to trying Automatic Writing to embrace communication with your Angels and to enjoy receiving knowledge that cannot be found within our human world. It is deeper knowledge that hits our hearts connects our souls and enlightens us all to a greater understanding as to why we are all here.   With much love and joy in your hearts thank you for reading Intuitive Mothers!

Love always…Tamara


6 thoughts on “Automatic Writing

  1. JAMES CASH says:

    The way you explained it,- it’s great!
    Love you

    Where do you find the time?
    Relax a little once in while
    Rest and smell the flowers
    You need it!
    Mom 🙂

    Sent from my fantastic


  2. Ebony Hope says:

    Good Morning Tamara,

    I’d first like to thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I have found it both helpful & enlightening. The question I have is when I try Automatic/Channel writing do I write with my dominant hand? Im right handed. Another question thats in reference to your retreat to Sedona (which sounds amazing to be by the way) do the two mountains you spoke of as having blue auras have a name?
    Again thanks so much always!


    • intuitivemothers says:

      Hello Ebony! With automatic writing I would use the hand that you write with the most. It is the intention that is most important. The mountains that I spoke of are in the area of Boynton Canyon. Many blessings and thank you so much for reading! Love always…Tamara

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