Are you an Empath? Check off list


Before we can know if you are an Empath we must first understand what an Empath even means. Let us first look at the term Empathy and its meaning, understanding of another’s feelings: the ability to identify with and understand somebody else’s feelings or difficulties. Empathy is synonymous with understanding, sympathy, and compassion. When you look at the word Empathy up closer according to Wikipedia the English word Empathy is derived from the Ancient Greek word ἐμπάθεια (empatheia), “physical affection, passion, partiality” which comes from ἐν (en), “in, at” and πάθος (pathos), “passion” or “suffering”. The term was adapted by Hermann Lotze and Robert Vischer to create the German word Einfühlung (“feeling into”), which was translated by Edward B. Titchener into the English term empathy.

I personally appreciate the term “feeling into” as you are truly feeling into and connecting with not only your soul but the souls and energy of those who are surrounding you. Therefore if you believe you might be an Empath here is a list to see if you are. Some of you may feel all these things while others may just check off a few, as you read these try to see how your body reacts.

~Cannot be in or near a large crowd of people

~Often labeled or made of fun as “too sensitive”

~Body aches when you are speaking with someone even though you felt fine moments before you began speaking to this person

~Feelings change when you walk into various rooms, places, locations

~Sensitivity to certain foods (picking up on the energy of how food was prepared, grown, or harvested)

~Deep connection to nature including animals, trees, flowers and so on

~A sense of knowing what someone will say or do moments before it actually happens

~Stomach issues upper and lower GI (this is a major sign)

~Dreams and feelings having lived somewhere else, often feeling out of sorts once you wake up

~Often feeling “Homesick” even when you are with your family

~Experiences of Dejavu

~Feelings shift instantly (often called “moody”), one moment you are happy the next you’re sad after watching TV, speaking with a friend, using the computer and so on

~Having a feeling to cry for unknown reason

~Craves alone time

~Enjoys quiet time

~You are friendly and somewhat shy

~Fearful to speak up especially as to not rock the boat

~Avoids movies, artwork, music that is offensive, has violence, rough language or anything scary

~Cannot be around certain people or places for unknown reason

~Craves living in a country type setting away from the city

This short list could truly continue however it also leads us into understanding where you are from before you came to this Earth. Just recently I received my certification to offer Realm Readings and I noticed how these characteristics of an Empath fit with several realms. If you are uncertain as to what a realm is it is simply another dimension or embodiment that your soul comes from or has lived within past lives. For example an angel, a wise one, elemental, a mermaid and the list truly can go much further. Having shared this with you I am getting the sense that the more we are aware of our sensitivities it also opens the doorway to understanding of who you are but most importantly why you are here on Earth. This doorway to understanding your sensitivities are very much like arrows that point into the direction of who are. While we all are souls and we all come from the Divine energy of Love we all have missions here on Earth, we are all evolving growing and expanding and by understanding this perspective we must also take into account where God asked to come from and why.

Begin to ask yourself what is it that makes us feel this way, why are we this way and how can we control these empathic feelings? These are all ways in which leads you to better understanding yourself and your mission here on Earth. As an Empath I have had to personally learn how to adjust my life according to what feels right for me and what to avoid. At times it can be difficult however being an Empath is a gift. Having these sensitivities is simply your sixth sense extending out into this world and beyond much like tentacles and as you feel your way around you have the benefit of what to avoid and what to come closer to.

Taking good care of yourself physically, emotionally and energetically is also the key to balance as an Empath. You must make the time and set the time to help yourself and once you do this not only will you be happier but those loved ones that surround you will be too. Being an Empath is a gift and it is up to you on how you choose to use it. It is from my Empathy that it has allowed me to support women and children that have come across my life. Being an Empath is just one small term to awakening your spirit, your intuition. Feel free to look at the page called “Signs of Spiritual Awakening” for even an extended list of your intuition and how it can it flow through you. Empathy is the new way to be and live here on this planet. By sharing this information with you my hope is that you let go and stop being so hard on yourselves, love yourself, embrace who you are, be who you are meant to be, you have every right to be happy and live knowing that you have an important role to play here on our Earth. As always thank you for reading Intuitive Mothers!

Love Always…Tamara


Love Always…Tamara

Happy Mothers Day

Wishing all of the Women of our world a Happy Mother’s Day today!  Mothers are those who take care of and nurture the people, places and environments that surround them.  The greatest example of this is our Mother Earth.  May we all honor this aspect found within us and our precious world.  This day is meant to celebrate, appreciate and honor all of your efforts.  Enjoy it, take it all in you deserve it for all of your hard work.  Love yourself enough to receive and fill your hearts with gratitude for every bit of kindness that makes its way to you on this day.  With Angel Hugs and from one Mother to another Happy Mother’s Day!

Love always…Tamara