Breaking Up With Your Relationship With Fear


Lately I have been reflective within my own thoughts. I would concentrate on what thoughts I was having throughout my day and I quickly noticed a pattern, one that I was so used to and comfortable with that I almost didn’t even notice it. It was my relationship with fear. Fear of the unknown and what is going to happen next in my life, the fear of whether or not I was getting sick and how serious it would be, fear of my children getting hurt, fear of my husband and I struggling to pay our bills, and my list would go on and on to the point of exhaustion. “What am I doing?” I would think, “I know better than that!”

It was at a certain point where I simply recognized that my thoughts were attracting everything that I didn’t want within my life. Why was this fear so prominent in my everyday life? Where did it come from? Why is it there to begin with? How can I get myself to break up with this unhealthy relationship with fear once and for all?

The Angels were finally showing me it was my time to learn to let go of the old way of life one filled with fear. Even when you are an Awakened person things like this can take time, facing ourselves and our habits can be a very humbling experience and it takes courage to face. People often think that working with your Angels is easy and graceful and it can be, it is us that truly stand in our own way that can make these changes hard. So I have finally learned and surrendered to living without fear. The Angels have carefully guided me to see that I have not loved myself enough to see that I could have everything that I wished for if only I could change my power of thoughts.

Fear has crept into my life in such a sneaky way that I almost at times feel lost without it by my side. It was when I started to face it that it slowly goes back where it came from only for it to try and try again to come back into my life. That is the hard part about fear for it is relentless. UNTIL you finally notice it and place the light all over it, only then it can no longer hide. Ultimately, it is YOU that must stop it from entering your life. YOU have to do the work to keep it out and for good!

With that said it does take practice, every time a fearful thought enters your mind face the fear head on, demand the angels to cancel, clear and delete that thought. Breaking up is hard to do but once you set your mind to it you will begin to feel confident without it being by your side. You will also soon realize that your team of Angels and Guides have not only been there the entire time but they are going to speak even more clearly as there isn’t that middle man of fear stepping in between.

So if you feel guided to go through your break up with fear here is what I personally have been doing that can help you with your breakup. 1) Set boundaries with your fear either verbally or mentally, “Fear you no longer have a say within my life!” 2)   Cancel, clear and delete! Say this if old habits start to come back to you remember it takes practice. 3) Take a leap of faith! Fear has been holding you back to incredible things to enjoy in your life. When fear is out of the picture simply breath and take that chance to do something that does scare you a bit, starting small can help. 4) Here is THE one that counts start thinking positive thoughts constantly, even if you don’t feel like it just go for it. 5) Ask your Angels for help! Remember you have a team that is rooting for you to live a happy joyful life so simply ask for guidance when you need it. Journaling, angel cards or a walk in nature are just a few suggestions to help you get started.

I’m not sure about you but living in fear is exhausting, dramatic and not very fun at all. So it is time to say “Good bye” to fear and a big “Hello” to more love in your life. May the Angels guide each and every one of you to a fearless life it’s time!

Love always…Tamara