Angel Forecast for 2015

Well can you believe we are about to enter into the year of 2015? Time does appear to be moving faster and things are evolving, shifting and changing constantly. We do indeed live in an incredible time! So let us give ourselves permission to enjoy this journey. The Angels have already come in with the message of “Have some Fun”! It is time for all us to prepare a list of things you would like to do this upcoming year that is fun. Some examples are taking a trip, go to a concert, taking a new class, trying something new that you’ve always wanted to try. 2015 is the year to have FUN!

I was drawn towards using the Angle Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue called the Messages from Your Angels. If you have not experienced this deck before they are very powerful.   They include all sorts of various Angels and are simply beautiful.

January~ Angel Daniel is sharing “I am the Angel of Marriage, and I am assisting you right now.” For those of you who are married this is a great card that shows support for you and your significant other. Marriage can also signify agreements, these agreements will be at the forefront for many of you. Agreements can be a coworker that you have agreed to work on a mutual project together, signing paperwork, receiving a letter in the mail about an agreement you made or plan to make. Call upon Angel Daniel for additional support for the month of January.

February~ Angel Serena is sharing “I am the Angel of Abundance. You will receive the money that you need, and God is in charge of how that will happen have Faith.” Oh, there is that wonderful word ABUNDANCE! Take a note everyone because this will be a continued theme throughout this year. Angel Serena does speak specifically of financial abundance for this month of February so whatever comes your way be sure to accept and show gratitude for the blessings. It is going to be a purple energy month therefore wearing purple will help bring in this wonderful energy for you, even having purple flowers in your home will help Angel Serena be a part of your home and life, feel free to invite her into your life and see what happens.

March~ Angel Vanessa is sharing “To make your decision, ask yourself, Which way brings me closer to my Divine Purpose? Which way takes me away from it?” Looks as though for this month Angel Vanessa is asking you to write out your pros and cons when it comes to a great decision that you will be making. Remember before you make any decision be sure you are coming from your heart and love and you will be sure to have followed the right path.

April~ Angel Azure is sharing “Your desired outcome will occur in the very near future. Have patience and faith, and don’t try to force it to happen.” It is all about Divine timing for this month and wouldn’t you rather have the best possible outcome for yourself and those around you? Isn’t that worth the waiting? Asking Angel Azure for help with patience as it will greatly benefit you this month.

May~ Angel Isaiah is sharing “It’s a good time to give birth to new ideas and situations in your life. I am watching over you, guiding you, and protecting you during these changes.” Changes are coming in for many of us in May and these are finally going to be great changes, I am seeing happy faces here and new beginnings. This can mean an actual birth of a child, a birth to a new book you are writing, a new work project whatever it may be ask Angel Isaiah to come in and accept the help that he has to offer you. His energy is very sweet and nurturing.

June~ Angel Merlina is sharing “You are confused and indecisive because you do not have enough information. Do research or seek expert advice before making a decision.” I am seeing not one but five angels coming in for you this month to help you with any decision that you need guidance in. The angels are showing dolphin energy as well as plant energy so this shows us that nature will be a great support if you are unsure on what to do. Five also means change and a shift, Angel Merlina is ready to help you all you have to do it ask.

July~ Archangel Raphael is sharing “I am helping you heal physical challenges in yourself and others. You are a healer, like me.” Ok so there is quite a bit going on here, first if you are having any physical issues Archangel Raphael will be with you to support if not heal you completely. I am also seeing some who read this and are wondering if they should become a healer; the answer you were looking for is YES! So if you were waiting for a sing here it is!!! This is a green energy month it is summer time take off your shows and run in the grass and enjoy the outdoors. Happy Healing!

August~ Angel Leila is sharing “Spend time alone in nature, meditating about your desires and intentions. Ask the angels to help you gain a positive perspective.” This is a month for self-reflection; write in a journal, practice meditation daily for at least 5 minutes if not more and it will help you greatly as the angels will be offering guidance. August is a month for breathing and calming down a bit, remembering to take things slowly. A great reminder for mothers who are sending their children back to school this month.

September~ Angel Oceana is sharing “Take action. You’re in touch with your truth in this situation, and you need to trust your gut and lovingly assert yourself.” Since August provided you with the time for self-reflection now you see movement based on the decisions you have made within. You are confident and self-assured in the direction that is best for you. The energy is really heading up this month positive energy all around!

October~ Angel Crystal is sharing “Have faith and hope, because there is something positive and new on the horizon that you can’t yet see.” Here it is again Divine Timing! If you have been waiting for something remember to trust and wait for divine timing because whatever is over that horizon will be worth the wait for you. The color for this month is believe it or not Rainbow! That’s right you have Rainbow colors all surrounding you this month a very positive sign that at the end of your rainbow will be abundance. Abundance can take on many forms so just hold on it is coming.

November~  Angel Aurora is sharing “You are flying high right now, which may threaten others. But don’t descend, because others will soon become inspired by your example.” What an abundant month for you and a blessing! I see the energy truly high up in the air this month so enjoy it! Wow, the colors are blue and purple simply beautiful, take it all in and love yourself to know you deserve this abundance.

December~ Angel Fiona is sharing “Now that you’ve asked the angels for help, be open to receiving Divine guidance and assistance. You deserve Heaven’s help!” Oh, did you see those words? YOU DESERVE help and abundance! That is your mantra for your entire 2015 and December just brings it all together.

2015 is about having fun and abundance, yes we all have jobs and life happens but do not forget to take the time and make that effort to enjoy life this new year. Plan ahead, think about what you truly would like to do this year and then make it happen. Ask for your angels to help you make things happen such as clearing your schedule, providing you with finances and whatever needs you need met. 2015 is such a positive year compared to the past few years, the energy is really lifting up again and let us all enjoy it!

May Abundance reach into all avenues of your life in 2015!

Happy New Year!!!

Love Always…Tamara

2015 Angel Card Readings are back

Hello Intuitive Mothers! If you are interested I am currently offering 2015 Angel Card Readings. The angels will provide you with personal guidance from January thru December along with any reminders and suggestions that they wish to share with you for your upcoming year. These readings also make wonderful gifts to offer a dear friend. Feel free to connect with me either or simply click on Menu of Services for further information.   Happy Holiday Season!  Love always…Tamara