True Feminine Design

Through my years of working with Intuitive Mothers I am always amazed at how many women there are to meet in our world. There are women who are strong, powerful and creative when it comes to using their intuition. I truly feel blessed in getting to connect and support these women on their spiritual journey. It is only now that I am beginning to realize how many are simply taking off like butterflies and building upon their lives while using their intuitive abilities. The reason why I am sharing this with you is because it is when we focus on supporting one another through love, respect, and non judgment that we as people begin to believe within ourselves that we can accomplish our dreams.

When we focus on uplifting one another we find that we all win. There is this beautiful dance of fairness in energy that is exchanged when you see another person thrive and become successful. Success can mean abundance in many areas of ones life such as happiness, joy, new found love, great health, financial gain whatever it may be. When we step over the threshold of the ego and truly step into the loving energy that is found within all of us we release competition, jealousy, and even selfishness. We begin to truly connect to our true feminine design.

Our true feminine design or nature is to support one another, uplift one another all while remembering to uplift ourselves along the journey. This support feels like walking into a beautiful flower garden where you are completely surrounded by fragrant flowers of all shapes sizes and colors, each with their own unique design and frequency. A true garden of Eden is not one single lonely flower, no it has many flowers coming together in creating one large fragrant colorful garden for all to share and enjoy. The garden of Eden is really about illuminating our own light from within, believing in ourselves just as much as you would support, encourage and believe in a dear friend.

So I write this for all the Intuitive Mothers, remember we as women should authentically support one another and allow for our true feminine design to shine through. May this New Year bring you many blessings in stepping forward to your dreams coming true.

Love Always…Tamara