“I went through (still going through) a spiritual awakening after my daughter was dx with a brain tumor and radiation injury. We are all healing from this and I am convinced it is no fluke that Tamara and I crossed paths. Our children were in the same class the year Mia was dx. Tamara’s soul energy is strong and bright. She is a well of light and radiates..something I can’t put my finger on. My children are drawn to her energy and my readings with her are oddly spot on and bring me clarity and direction. My oldest just experienced her first reading with Tamara and it made her giggle. Children know. In short – we love her!!” ~Sandra, Arizona

“Having Tamara in my life has been incredibly instrumental as I’ve tried to understand my spiritual awakening. I initially struggled with a significant amount of doubt and fear and Tamara not only provides much needed support, she also offers insight and clarity. There are no accidents…I know it was intended that Tamara be in my life during this very important time and if you’re wondering about spirituality and/or spiritual awakening and you’ve found this page….it may be that she’s supposed to be in your life as well!” ~Isela Garcia, Arizona

“Tamara’s intuitive gifts are powerful and amazing! But what makes the experience with connecting to her more profound and effective is her authentic openess, warmth, heart-centered compassion, and genuine desire to support and to offer help. I would not hesitate to recommend Tamara’s services to anyone!” ~Janice Carlin, Florida

“Thank you Tamara  for always sharing yourself in a way that opens me up to new insights and possibilities. I especially appreciate the sacred loving space that you have created for all of us at Intuitive Mothers. I can feel the love and acceptance of this holy group sharing so much about life on this planet and especially about learning from each other and our children as we open up to a life vision that is wise, compassionate, loving and nurturing to ourselves others and Mother Earth. Even on the days when I am not interactive with the beautiful souls in the group, I still visit the site and find inspiration and support there as an observer. So much gratitude and love! Blessings.”
~Beth Grimes, California

Tamara has the heartfelt ability to bring you back to that space of “remembrance” for the amazing power each one of us holds within ourselves. In doing so it allows us to release energies that no longer serve us and gives us the grace to let go; allowing in the new energies to refresh our magnificent abilities to thrive in our own being and self-empowering thoughts. Tamara shines so brightly in this world and has been a true blessing in my own journey.
~Julia Hays- Bradenton, FL.

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. vanny, Malta says:

    I found this site by coincidence, however the words ‘intuitive’ and ‘mothers’ just stood out for me. I had never felt that online articles could be spot on on what i was going through or questions that i needed to ask. I also had never experienced a group who offered such love, empathy and support for those who speak out, considering i had never met anyone of them to face. Then there is Tamara whose love and energy you can feel just by reading her messages and blogs 🙂 though we have different time zones she supported in answering my questions & in cleansing d negative energy that we sometime are so fond of & end up keeping. Thank you Tamara for being of such support for those who feel they are going through unexplainable changes & that they are alone. You make us realise that we are NOT alone & everything happens for a reason! Much love and light! ❤

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